This December 7th we will be hosting our annual group art show and we
would love to have you involved. There will be a party with light food and
drink throughout the evening and night of December 7th. There is no
theme or size limit to the work you can bring. We do however ask that
you use your best judgement. Not all works will be featured in the show
due to a lack of space and resources. We are asking that all artist who
would like to be considered for the group show drop off their work(s) with
this form filled out on December 1st & 2nd between 7am-5pm. Any
work(s) not chosen for the show will be available for pickup on December
4/5/6 between 7am-5pm. Breakfast will take 30% of all pieces sold.
Please fill out this form and attach it to your work.


Download the info sheet PDF