RENEE CAREY - photographer
Living and working out of Sydney, Australia, Renee Carey's photographs of women are subtle and beautiful. She has a talent for creating images that feel so natural and effortless you often find yourself consumed in the moment and atmosphere. The ability to shoot women the way Renee does is not learned or easily duplicated, it's a combination of intuition and talent that photographers and artist struggle to find their entire careers. She has a impressive list of clients and her work can be seen in publications like Cake, Junk, and Oyster. We love her work and are happy to have her part of the Breakfast Club.

1. Who are you? 
 My name is Renee Carey I'm 25 and I live in Sydney, Australia currently but originally from California.

2. Describe your medium & process for these photos... 
As much as I can get away with it, which right now is 100% of the time (thanks to my stubbornness), I'm happiest shooting film. Conceptualizing and bringing ideas to life with a story is my best way to achieve a vision. I love to think of a story behind each image, a certain place you can go/feel. 

3. How did you find your passion? Who/what influences your work?  
In a search to creatively express myself. I was never that good at drawing or painting so I started taking photos for fun at an early age. My photographs evolved as I did and fell deeply in love with it. Fashion was easy to fall into because I found it the easiest way I personally could be creative. Who/what influences your work? I'm extremely influenced by music. It paints a picture in my mind that then pushes an emotion in the images. I'm also extremely influenced by the creativity that fashion brings to an image. 

4. What excites you about your work? What do you struggle with?
When I feel that I am constantly growing and evolving. I struggle when i feel like I am not pushing myself as hard as possible to evolve.

5. What are your goals? 
 I'd love to keep shooting, working with talented creatives, and focus on getting more work in LA as much as I have here in Australia so I can bounce between the two. I'm also coming out with a self-published book next year partnered with my brother that is something to look forward to. Maybe a solo show too - who knows. 

 6. Where do you see yourself going? 
One - day - at - a - time, right?


You can see more of Renee's work here:
 website •  blog • instagram